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Streaming Solution

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WHEES - You can create a space and sell your products with unique features with our ecommerce site.

IN4NET - its an online news portal contains worldwide news as well as localize to as area-wise

SPREADMAX - You can Spread your content to get maximum reach along our online media service

BGROW - It is a service of registering Business / Organisation's Brand through in the groove of Trademarks, Service Marks, Copy Rights and Patent.

FLIXWOOD - All about cinema related news, events, gossips, release and etc as worldwide.

SHOPURSHOP - You can create and maintain your own ecommerce business with our support

MUKIL APP - Complete Infotainment App with collections of online channels like radios, Televisions and portals

ASSOCIOS - Make Bridge to Association & Its Members With Smart Devices & Technological Communication .

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